This calendar shows our availability. If you are all set to book, the next step would be to submit your booking deposit.
-FAQ listed at bottom of page.

1. Choose your date and Submit Deposit

In this step you will chose date, confirm the time to start the booth, and the location of your event. The next step would be to lock in date with the $200 deposit and confirm the amount of hours you'd like to spin!


Here's what comes next with your 360 Booth Rental

After you book we will send off an email confirmation and calendar invite. Then our team will correspond with you for the next steps below. We will also follow up with a phone call to answer any additional questions.

Asked Questions

Where do you service?
Is there a travel fee?

We don't have travel fees. Just hourly minimums.
2 Hour Minimum - If your event address is within 40 miles from 2018 s. 1st St.
3 Hour Minimum - 41-80 miles from our headquarters.
4 Hour Minimum - 81- 130 Miles from our headquarters

When does set up start?

We will arrive and start setting up about 30 minutes before our booking reservation start time. It takes us < 15 minutes to set up.

What is a custom overlay?

A custom overlay is a decal or text that goes over the booth videos. We can add your logo, event theme or colors. Overlays come with every booking.

How much space do you need?

We need about 8ft x 8ft to fit comfortably. More space is needed for full body videos upon your event's request.

How do guests get booth videos?

After going for a spin. We will instantly be able to AirDrop booth video to iPhone users and text to android users.  Each guest will get their videos right away.

When is the final payment due?

The final payment invoice will be sent out to you after the agreement is signed. The final payment is due before or on 360BOOTHMKE's arrival to the venue. This is because we begin to give your guests their booth videos right away.

Can we extend or reduce our time?

I you would like to extend or reduce your time please let us know as soon as possible to confirm if we can accommodate. Our minimum booking is two hours in the Milwaukee Area and three hours for locations 41 miles away from 2018 S. 1st St. Milwaukee, WI.

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